FMBB IGP World Championship 2022 Team Canada Regulations and Selection Criteria



Members of the CWBSA in good standing are eligible for the CWBSA IGP FMBB Team if their dog is a CKC registered Belgian Shepherd. 

Candidates who qualify to represent the Canadian Working Belgian Shepherd Association (CWBSA) in the FMBB IGP World Championship must demonstrate the following:

1. Conduct that exemplifies good sportsmanship and self-discipline.

2. A strong desire to attend the FMBB World Championship and represent Canada and the Canadian Working Belgian Shepherd Association in an international competition.

3. The handler must be a CWBSA member in good standing from January 31, 2021 (year during which the qualification competitions occur) and maintain membership without interruption for 2022, the year the event is being held.

4. The handler must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.

5. The handler must be a member in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) at the time of the FMBB Championship.

6. The dog-handler team must remain the same throughout the qualification process and the FMBB championship.

7. The handler is not required to be the owner of the declared dog

8. The handler may apply with only one dog, as the FMBB IGP WC is restricted to one dog per handler.

9. Handler/dog teams must meet eligibility requirements of the FMBB


Qualifying for the Team

The top four eligible dog-handler teams at the CWDF IGP Nationals, with a minimum score of 80 in each phase, earn positions on the FMBB World Team. Ties will be broken by high protection score, then high obedience score. Should one of these top four handlers reject or be ineligible for their position, the position(s) will be filled via the point system. The remaining two (2), or more, positions plus at least one (1) alternate position will be filled via the point system.

Declaring for a Team Position

Handlers are responsible for filling the online form at, and provide copies of the following items to the CWBSA board upon request:              


  • Declaration Form
  • Rabies vaccination certificate
  • CKC registration
  • FCI recognized scorebook (front pages and applicable trial date entries)
  • Photo of handler
  • Photo of dog
  • CWBSA Membership Card
  • Proof of compliance with the policy for receiving financial support from the CWBSA; see below

Failure to send the completed form and all supplemental copies and fees constitute a rejection of a team position.

The declaration must be received by December 31, 2021 and include a $250 good faith deposit.
Members who are not selected for the team will have their $250 deposit refunded upon final team selection. Selected team members' deposits will be refunded after the World Championships. Deposits will not be returned to handlers who decide not to trial after being selected for the team.

Point System

The time period to earn qualification points will run from January 1 to December 31, 2021. Positions for the team will be filled in order according to the number of points earned. A tie in points will be broken by the highest average score. If there is still a tie, then it will be broken by highest average protection score, then highest average obedience score.

All points earned must be with the same handler/dog team only at the IGP 3 level. A minimum of 4 points must be earned to apply, and must include at least 2 trials, including a regional championship at the minimum.

The table below defines qualification points that can be earned during trials. Points are awarded per trial type and overall score category (S = 210, G = 240, SG = 270, V = 286).

In the trial types, championships include:

  • Regional: GSSCC Regionals, UScA Regionals, DVG America Regionals
  • National: CWDF National, GSSCC National, AWMA National, UScA Working Dog Championship, AWDF National Championship, DVG America National
  • World: FMBB and FCI IGP World Championships

All other trials are regarded as Club trials, unless occurring in another country than Canada or USA, and approved as counting like a championship by the CWBSA board of directors.


Policy for Financial Support for CWBSA IGP FMBB Team Canada Members

Handlers qualified on the FMBB IGP World Championship 2022 CWBSA Team will have their FMBB entry fee (typically 100 Euros) paid and a uniform provided free of charge. Other expenses may be reimbursed, depending on the amount of funds raised for the team before the World Championship.



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